Translation of Mother Theresa's letters was the work of many SSNDs.

Sister Mary Hester Valentine, SSND, a respected English teacher at Mount Mary College (currently Mount Mary University) for many years, was responsible for editing the letters. Read Sister Mary Hester's reflections on the challenge of editing 5,337 letters.

Sister Henriette Hoene, SSND, as General Councilor, offered to coordinate the collection and distribution of Mother Theresa's letters to the translators. She describes this process in an audio presentation, "How We Got the Letters," recorded in 1979. A list of editors and translators is also available.

Sister Paulissa Klaas, SSND was an administrator and business teacher who helped type the letters of Mother Theresa for publication.

Sister Mary Hester Valentine, SSND
Sister Mary Hester Valentine, SSND
Sister Hanriette Hoene, SSND
Sister Henriette Hoene, SSND
Sister Paulissa Klaas, SSND
Sister Paulissa Klaas, SSND
Sister Georgianne Segner, SSND
Mother Georgianne Segner, SSND
Sister Mary Ann Kuttner, SSND
Sister Mary Ann Kuttner, SSND

Mother Georgianne Segner, SSND, General Superior during the time the translation was being done, expressed her gratitude for this work in a 1976 statement after the work had been completed.

In 2010, Sister Mary Ann Kuttner, SSND, completed a new, annotated translation of over 1,600 letters and other documents written by Blessed Theresa, which were published in Letters of Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, Vol. 1-15 (School Sisters of Notre Dame Printing Department, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, 2008-2010). Information on the context in which the letters and documents were written, as well as significant persons and events that are mentioned, is provided in detailed footnotes.

This set of fifteen volumes is available through School Sisters of Notre Dame North American Archives located at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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