Scripture in Letters

Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

The following series of quotations from the letters of Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger exemplify her roots in the Word of God. This was unusual for a German woman living in the 1800s since members of the Catholic Church were not encouraged to read the Bible.

One letter, #714, includes more than 53 different references to scripture. Most would have learned Scripture from Bible history or listening to the readings of the day as expressed through the lectionary. During the celebration of the Eucharist, her generation would have listened to the Epistle and Gospel read in Latin from a lectionary unchanged since the Council of Trent, 1545. The synoptic gospels would have been repeated, with particular texts used very often. This standard procedure resulted in her hearing a few selected texts over and over again.

The lectionary we know today is the result of Vatican II, 1965. It was still common in the 1950s to hear only bible history, stories paraphrased from the Bible, and be discouraged from reading the bible on one's own for fear of misinterpretation.

Mother Theresa's use of scripture in what follows may be both informative and inspiring to see how widely was her acquaintance with scripture, as well as how she shared the Word of God with others through her correspondence.

Below is a listing of the books of the Bible to select from. Each contains citations from Mother Theresa's letters sharing the following information:

  • Scripture Text Cited, Date of Letter or NA (Not Available)
  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter, Recipient of Letter

Hebrew Scripture


Genesis 1:3, August 5, 1869

Will you continue to pray in union with us that the dear Lord may send his creative word also into this chaos?
#4359, Reverend Father of Poxau

Genesis 1:27, Before 1859

You should look upon one another as images of God.
#2784, Entire Congregation

Genesis 3:6, May 30, 1847

Our first mother, Eve, has left us an example which should be a warning to us. Into what misery has not her inquisitiveness and pride plunged her and all of us.
#714, *My dearly loved.

Genesis 3:19, October 4, 1823

From dust, it came and to dust it must return.
p. 7-8, Retreat Notes

Genesis 29:18, July 14, 1871

Jacob, the patriarch worked seven years for his cousin in order to win Rachel, and although he was disappointed at the end of the period, he served another seven years. Should the heavenly bridegroom not be worthy of a much greater preparation than a mortal bride?
#4576, Candidate Marie


Exodus 3:7-8, March 3, 1863

Be inspired by a great, holy love for your new life in the Order, a life which frees you from slavery in Egypt, and leads you to the Promised Land
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

Exodus 3:7-10, NA

He has chosen you to lead out of the slavery of Egypt into the Promised Land.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Exodus 3:7-10, c. 1876

He has singled you out to free you from the Egyptian bondage, to lead you into the promised land
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

Exodus 14:15, September 20, 1866

When Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt, had traversed the Red Sea, where the Egyptians met their death, he intoned a beautiful song of praise.
#4065, Sister Gertraud

Exodus 15:21, September 20, 1866

Then the Israelites went into the desert.
#4065, Sister Gertraud

Exodus 17:2-7, 17:11-12, 15:22-27, March 2, 1857

Your Reverence, the Moses of your parish, imploring mercy with outstretched arms.
#2366, Pastor of Heidingsfeld

Exodus 16:14, May 30, 1847

And should it come to pass that we must teach school without remuneration and should the earth cease to provide us with bread, He can let bread rain from heaven even today as He did for the Israelites in the desert.
#714, *My dearly.

Exodus 16:14, September 29, 1859

May He permit the manna which He so lavishly let fall for his children in the desert also nourish you in richest measure.
#2975, Gracious Lady

Exodus 16:14, September 20, 1866

where the Lord gave them bread from heaven.
#4065, Sister Gertraud

Exodus 17:6-7, September 20, 1866

then the Israelites went into the desert.where the Lord gave them water produced from rocks.
#4065, Sister Gertraud

Exodus 17-11, June 10, 1850

Since prayer seems doubly necessary in our distressed times, it would surely be conducive for our congregation which is rapidly spreading far and wide to have a group of sisters (similar to the brotherhoods) who like Moses on the mountain prayed with outstretched arms for the people down in the valley encountering the enemy, in order to win the fight.
#901, Archbishop of Munich

Exodus 7:11, 1869

Oh, if we could only stay on our knees day and night before the Most Holy Sacrament, and like Moses raise our hands and hearts to Him, so that the Lord may intervene and send help at the right time.
#4405, Entire Congregation

Exodus 19:20, May 30, 1847

With Moses, we must ascend the mountain.
#714, *My dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Exodus 33:18, April 3, 1863

Moses, through his continual nearness to God, received a participation in the wonderful glory of God which shone out in his face.
#3537, Sisters Juliana, Augustina, Taciana


Leviticus 25:1ff, 1875

All captives were given their freedom; all alienated property was returned to the patrimony; all debts were canceled; it was a time of jubilation for the entire Jewish nation.

1 Samuel

1 Samuel 3:8, February 20, 1855

As God wills! When the Lord calls we will cry out with Samuel, "Lord, here I am."
#1856, Pastor of Steisslingen

1 Kings

1 Kings 17:14-16, August 16, 1838

He is the King of all hearts and of heaven and earth; he knows just the time when the jar is empty of oil, and the bin is empty of flour.
#118, Reverend Hoflinger

1 Kings 17:14-16, June 7, 1863

The same Lord Who, in the time of Elisha, the prophet, blessed the flour in the poor widow's cupboard, so that it never ran out.
#3559, Pastor of Neuhausen-Deggendorf


Tobit 5:5, July 15-20, 1848

Quite unexpectedly God sent me a Raphael for my journey.
#736, Father Siegert

Tobit 5:5, October 4, 1854

Yes, truly He gave you an invisible Raphael as an escort on the recent journey to the sovereign authorities.
#1739, Esteemed Miss Fanny

Tobit 5:4-8, October 24, 1864

May the Holy Angel accompany us to England as he once went to Rhages with Tobias.
#3742, Pastor in London


Esther 7:3-10, April 7, 1874

May it be for us the announcement of a joyous Easter morning after such great suffering, and may the dear God have chosen your Royal Highness to become for the Order what good Queen Esther was for the Israelites.
#4930, Your Highness


Job 14:1, October 30, 1857

Truly Job's words, "Man's life is a constant struggle," have proved true in your experience.
#2488, Reverend George Pausch

Job 38:41, January 19, 1849

We thank him again, he has provided our daily bread, as he does for the young ravens when they cry to him.
#184, Pastor of Toelz


Psalm 91:12, May 30, 1847

"Your Holy Guardian Angels accompany you and all your school children and boarding pupils in all your ways "that your foot not slip and knock against a stone."
#714, *Sisters

Psalm 110:1, February 3, 1846

Here, as everywhere, He makes His enemies his footstool.
#598, Royal Bavarian Governor

Psalm 110:1, October 7, 1855

They find fulfillment in this, that though they are frustrated, His enemies, in the end, are made His footstool.
#2037, Reverend Pastor of Wilheim

Psalm 110:1, March 31, 1865

This is to us an encouraging sign that the thing is of God, who will lay these enemies as a footstool at His feet.
#3844, Reverend John Muellner

Psalm 115:15, January 6, 1857

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.
#2340, Miss Fanny

Psalm 119:71, March 21, 1877

118:70 Psalm
"It is good for me that you have humbled me," said the royal prophet in the psalm.
#5235, Sister Mary Ignatia

Psalm 126:5, May 31, 1855

God grant that what they sow in tears they may reap in joy in the end.
#1946, Chaplain of Pfaffenhofen

Psalm 126:5-6, September 14, 1854

The Lord will reward you, and may He grant that what was sown in tears may be reaped in joy.
#1722, Reverend Hoermann

Psalm 126:5-6, May 24, 1856

May the Lord grant that what the sisters have sown amid tears may sooner or later yield a blessed harvest according to His Holy Will.
#3166, Reverend Professor

Psalm 127:1, June 16, 1861

We thank God if the work and effort of the sisters has been fruitful, for if the Lord of the house does not build, the builders work in vain.
#3264, Baroness von Bickendorf

Psalm 127:1, February 14, 1872

What will all our work and worry profit if the Lord does not build the house?
#4664, Pastor in St. Louis


Proverbs 16:18, July 30, 1859

Away with all pride which goes before the fall.
#2941 Postulants

Proverbs 17:2, July 13, 1873 that we may show ourselves worthy of our ideal, and like gold, be clarified in the furnace of tribulation.
#4829, Pastor

Proverbs 31:10-31, November 1852

"She represents the valiant woman whose pen portrait the Holy Spirit has drawn for us with such heavenly beauty in Sacred Scripture."
#1275, Holy Father

Proverbs 17:30, March 4, 1878

"This bond of loving harmony has until now kept us united and strong; it will also do so in future storms, "so that you will emerge purified as gold from the fire."
#5319, Entire Congregation

Song of Songs

Song of Songs 8:6, c. 1834

Seal me with the seal of your divine love, and then ask of me what you will
#29, p. 48 Retreat Notes


Isaiah 7:14, August 6, 1858

When everything, everything abandons us, when life itself leaves us, God is with us. God is always and everywhere with us. Oh Emmanuel, Emmanuel!
#2664, All Sisters

Isaiah 30:15, c. 1834

"In silence and hope shall your strength be," is your word, O my God.
#29, Reflections

Isaiah 42:3, c. 1834

"I am unworthy of your grace and can so easily lose it. Because of this, I wish to be filled with merciful love for the erring; and like you, I shall not crush the broken reed, nor quench the smoking flax.
#29, Reflections

Isaiah 42:6, December 20, 1856

May Jesus, the world's Salvation, Light that illumines the Gentiles, Israel's pride and protection, be for you a guiding star, shining in the darkness of the valley of tears.
#2337, Dear Sir


Jonah 1:12, Before January 1859

However, if I alone am the stumbling block, then I should be taken and thrown into the seas as Jonah once was, so that rest and judgment may follow.
#2779, Margaret Cortona in Rome

Jonah 2:1, July 31-August 3, 1847

I could then and there imagine myself in the situation of Jonah, the prophet, and turning to our Mother Mary I prayed for grace and mercy.
#724, Father Siegert


Daniel 1:16, August 26, 1836

Meantime, we hope to God that our trust in him be no less rewarded than that of Daniel, who, despising the food of the king was fed vegetables, bread, and water and was healthier than those who sat at the king's table.
#60, Bishop of Ratisbon

Christian Scripture


Matthew 2:10, April 3, 1863

Let us follow the guidance of this Star (Holy Rule) faithfully, as once the Magi from the East followed the guiding star.
#3537, Sisters Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

Matthew 2:10-12, January 5, 1868

Like the Wise Men of the East, you, gracious Lady Countess, have brought to the crib of the Divine Child a gift for the Poor School Sisters, as the three holy kings once did.
#4308, Lady Countess of Vienna

Matthew 4:2, Before January 1859

Our dear Lord and Savior Jesus, for our sake, fasted and prayed in the desert forty days and nights.
#2780 Entire Congregation

Matthew 4:2, February 2, 1861

Our dear Lord and Savior Jesus fasted and prayed forty days and nights in the desert for our sake.
#3222, Entire Congregation

Matthew 4:4, April 17, 1850 (Dt. 8:3)

That man does not live by bread alone but the strength of the Lord is my consolation.
#882, Pastor of Stamsried

Matthew 4:17, May 30, 1847

"Do penance," exclaimed the Lord Jesus loudly before all the world at the beginning of His teaching career. "The kingdom of God is at hand." Yes, O Jesus, You spoke the truth.
#714, *My Dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matthew 4:35-41, May 30, 1871

Christ that he may guide his Holiness over the tempestuous waves, as once he guided St. Peter over the waters of Genesareth.
#4564, Cardinal Clarelli

Matthew 4:38, 1866

We shall, therefore, humbly plead with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, as did the disciples during the storm at sea.
#4050, Entire Congregation

Matthew 5:1-10, October 30, 1878

Then the third part of the Magnificat will be realized in us: all generations will call us blessed, as they are found in the eight beatitudes; the poor in spirit, with them we shared our bread, Grant that we may one day sing the beautiful Magnificat with the dear mother of God."
#5328, Sisters in Altenbuch

Matthew 5:3, September 25, 1824

For this reason (desire for supreme simplicity) Christ could fittingly proclaim in the Sermon on the Mount, "How happy are the poor in spirit; theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
p. 16-17, Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:3, January 12, 1855

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. #1826, Dean of Ernstkirchen

Matthew 5:4, September 24, 1824

Oh, how true is the word of Jesus: blessed are the meek.
p. 14-15, Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:6, September 10, 1931

The lovers of poverty and those who practice it, the mild and peaceful, those who suffer hunger and thirst in and for the love of God.
p. 29-30, #11, Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:6, February 15, 1867

The superior replied, "Good, we shall eat those and then rejoice at being considered worthy to suffer hunger in the service of the Lord."
#4120, Cardinal Protector Clarelli

Matthew 5:7, September 10, 1831

...and do devout penance, the merciful.
p. 29-30, #11, Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:7, March 27, 1855

Surely the dear Lord of heaven and earth who said, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy," will know how to reward you for all.
#1887, Sisters of Charity - Brede

Matthew 5:7, December 7, 1874

Blessed are the merciful, this sentence of the Lord compensates and lets us see the crown for those who persevere in His service.
#5005, Sisters of Charity - Germany

Matthew 5:8, September 10, 1831

Who preserves a pure heart
P. 29-30, #11, Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:10-12, November 1, 1835

Blessed shall you be if, for my sake, the world hates and persecute you. Your reward shall be very great in heaven.
#38, Frederica Ringseis

Matthew 5:11-12, May 30, 1847

Be glad and rejoice, if you are persecuted for My Name's sake, your reward will be great in heaven.
#714, *My dearly...

Matthew 5:10-12, January 26, 1874

and for Jesus' sake, suffering reproach and persecution.
#4893, Bishop of Breslau

Matthew 5:13, c. 1834

To me as to the priest apply the words, 'the salt of the earth.'
#29, Reflections

Matthew 5:13, May 30, 1847

How important that is; moreover, how such an inquisitive soul pours herself out, becomes empty and desolate, and loses her strength as salt does, and is no longer good for anything..
#714, *My dearly loved.

Matthew 5:15, April 5, 1857

and as a light on the candlestick enlightens all, both near and far, will shine in eternity as a fearless confessor of Jesus
#2386, Archbishop of Freiburg

Matthew 5:16, March 3, 1863

Let your light shine so that all may see it and praise your Father who is in heaven.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

Matthew 5:39, September 10, 1831

In disagreeable circumstances, she yields willingly, mindful of the words of our Lord, 'to turn the other cheek' and to pray for those who have offended her.
p. 30-31, #12, Humility Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:3, December 8, 1850

Let us promote peace in our hearts, and in our convents. Even though someone should strike us on our cheek, let us nevertheless cherish peace, and willingly offer the other cheek.
#949, Entire Congregation

Matthew 5:48, October 1, 1823

"walk before me and be perfect. You must, therefore, be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect."
p. 3, Retreat Notes

Matthew 5:48, May 30, 1847

"Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect."
#714, *My dearly loved companion sisters in Jesus

Matthew 5:48, July 30, 1859

Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
#2941, Postulants

Matthew 6:19, May 30, 1847

Which like the moth damaging clothes, permeates our soul.
#714, *My dearly loved.

Matthew 6:19, March 3, 1858

"Miss Fanny you are walking in her footsteps (St. Frances). in order to gather treasures for heaven which no thief can steal, nor moth destroy."
#2566, Frances Schwarz

Matthew 6:23, May 30, 1847

"When the eye is weak the whole body is weak."
#714, *To: My dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matthew 6:24, September 25, 1824

Man has only one heart, and this heart is so fashioned that it either loves God or mammon.
p. 16-17, Retreat Notes

Matthew 6:25-26, November 16, 1836

Indeed his words are forever true, 'Do not worry about what you shall eat, or wherewith you shall be clothed, for your heavenly Father knows what you need, even before you ask. Our merciful Father, who clothes the flowers so beautifully, and feeds the birds, does not forget his orphans either.
#75, Emilie Lindner, artist

Matthew 6:26, May 30, 1847

No more than the birds in the air and the flowers in the field need we be anxious because the good Lord Jesus Himself will look after us for the best. He will provide clothing and food for us.
#714, *My dearly.

Matthew 6:25-26, December 22, 1847

The rich Lord of heaven and earth who feeds the birds of the air and clothes the flowers of the field, will not let His poor handmaids who serve his beloved poor, perish.
#728, Father Siegert

Matthew 6:25, 34 August 26, 1836

our holy founder warned us, not to worry about the next day, as to what we should eat or drink lest God leaves us to our own devices.
#60, Bishop of Ratisbon

Matthew 6:33, 1859

Let us seek first of all the kingdom of God, then everything else will come with it!
#3007, Entire Congregation

Matthew 6:34, April 9, 1853

"Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof."
#1365, Reverend Dr. Schels

Matthew 7:13

Few will enter into heaven, the way thereto is narrow and who can walk thereon?
p. 29-30, Retreat Notes

Matthew 8:22, December 20, 1860

The sisters should, therefore, refrain from such curiosity, (questioning children about family affairs), and, according to the text in our Holy Rule, 'let the dead bury their dead.' and thank God they have left the world
#3201, Entire Congregation

Matthew 8:26, January 15, 1860

Surely He who with his almighty word once settled the wind and waves during a storm on the sea, can and will do the same today in these our troubled times.
#3020, Bishop of Brixin

Matthew 9:36, May 30, 1847

Yes, the good Lord Himself will take care of us as he did for his dear apostles and the poor people who followed him into the desert.
#714, *My dearly.

Matthew 9:36-37, NA

He (God) will provide, we know, for his distraught flock.
(on the death of Cardinal Depenbrock)
#1310, Reverend Gaerth of Breslau

Matthew 9:36, May 19, 1853 that the flock may have a Shepherd.
#1384, Bishop of Breslau

Matthew 9:36, August 23, 1855

In consideration of this situation I cannot but acquiesce and say with the Lord, 'I have compassion on the multitude.'
#1993, Sec. of Wurzburg

Matthew 9:37, August 26, 1856

Think of our congregation in the event that you should meet talented young girls with divine vocations because the harvest is great and the laborers all too few.
#2224, Reverend Professor

Matthew 9:37, February 2, 1876

How often we hear the distressing cry: the harvest is great, but laborers are becoming fewer.
#5133, Cardinal Protector de Luca

Matthew 10:14, November 14, 1871

They would shake the dust from their feet and leave Freistadt rather than enter into any obligation against the Holy Roman Catholic faith, or act against it in any way.
#4630, Bishop of Lenz

Matthew 10:16, May 30, 1847

Jesus our dear Lord meant what He said when He warned us, "Be you, therefore, wise as serpents and simple as doves."
#714, *My dearly

Matthew 10:16, January 1867

...wise as serpents in our professional dealings with the hostile world, and at the same time, simple as doves.
#4104, Congregation

Matthew 10:16, 1869 to combine the simplicity of the dove with the wisdom of the serpent.
#4405, Entire Congregation

Matthew 10:22, December 8, 1850

Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved.
#949, Entire Congregation

Matthew 10:42, 1835 or 1836

Our merciful Lord, who does not let a cup of cold water go unrewarded.
#44 & #45, Mr. Zellner

Matthew 10:42, July 12, 1836

He who will reward even a cup of cold water in his name will surely reward your every step in our behalf.
#52, Mr. Kellner

Matthew 11:12, October 4, 1853

How painful is every good endeavor; yet, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and as your Reverence consistently uses this violence, you will receive the Kingdom.
#1476, Reverend Katz of Hirschau

Matthew 11:12, October 11, 1855

Conditions there are inimical to the Kingdom of God, which suffers violence everywhere.
#2044, written by Sister Joseph Hermanna for Theresa

Matthew 11:12, February 22, 1859

These happen whenever the sisters are asked to take over the schools; the kingdom of God suffers violence and contradictions from the world.
#2832, Frances Schwarz

Matthew 11:29, October 2, 1823

We must gradually acquire serenity of spirit in the school of Christ, who said, 'Shoulder my yoke and learn of me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.'
p. 3-4, Retreat Notes

Matthew 11:29, September 24, 1824

He can become meek since Jesus who commands us to be so cannot command the impossible
p. 14-15, Retreat Notes

Matthew 11:29, July 30, 1859

Do not forget, dear children, to go to the school of Jesus, and learn from Him not how to build new worlds or work miracles, but to become humble and gentle of spirit.
#2941, Postulants

Matthew 11:29, April 15, 1871

Learn of me, because I am meek and humble of heart.
#4554, Dear Children of God

Matthew 11:29, April 5, 1876

...for the Divine Bridegroom desires of his bride the virtues of meekness and humility above all. These are his favorite virtues, and according to his own word, we ought to imitate him in this most of all.
#5148, Sister Eutropia

Matthew 11:30, September 7, 1855

...make the yoke sweet and the burden light.
#2018, Pastor of Neustadt

Matthew 11:30, September 18, 1858

His grace, sweeten and lighten the heavy burden of your new pastoral office.
#2703, Reverend Father

Matthew 11:30, December 31, 1872

May the yoke of the Lord be sweet and his burden light.
#4757, Abbot of Scheysin

Matthew 12:25, 1859

A kingdom divided against itself cannot endure.
#3006, Entire Congregation

Matthew 12:25, Before 1859

A kingdom divided against itself already bears the seed of destruction within.
#2784 & #2785, Entire Congregation

Matthew 12:25, 1872

However, a kingdom divided against itself destroys itself.
p. 2583, All Houses

Matthew 12:28, October 30, 1878

If the work becomes heavy and difficult, the divine Bridegroom says from the tabernacle, "Come to Me all you who labor and are burdened; I will refresh you."
#5328, Sisters in Altenbuch

Matthew 13:22, January 12, 1855

Will you please help us pray that the good seed may not be choked by the thornbushes of evil inclinations?
#1826, Dean of Ernstkirchen

Matthew 13:23, April 2, 1854

May this seed, with the help of God, develop and become strong.
#1636, Reverend Dean

Matthew 13:23, July 6, 1856

If the Lord bestows growth and blessing on the seeds sown.
#2193, Prince Lowenstein

Matthew 13:23, October 21, 1857 teach and train the dear children for time and eternity, that the good seed may find fertile soil and yield abundant fruit.
#2477, Pastor of Velden

Matthew 13:23, August 4, 1859

May the tiny tree which we are planting in your diocese grow into a tree of life; may it blossom and bear fruit a hundredfold.
#2946, Bishop of Temesvar

Matthew 13:23, June 16, 1861

May he also grant that the seed which they have sown may bear good fruit.
#3264, Baroness von Beckendorf

Matthew 13:23, February 15, 1868

You are sowing a seed which will bring forth fruit a hundredfold, sweet fruit for which later generations will praise you as the originator of this project.
#4239, Reverend Pastor

Matthew 13:23, April 15, 1871

But we must never show ourselves unwilling to work, so that the seedlings of the divine word sown in us may be nourished in good ground and brought to fruition.
#4554, Children of God

Matthew 13:25, June 13, 1858

The enemy sought to sow tares among the wheat when all men were asleep.
#2632, Reverend Dean of Ebersdorf

Matthew 13:31, November 15, 1855 from a small mustard seed, a motherhouse may eventually evolve.
#2054, Bishop of Csanad-Temesvar

Matthew 13:31, December 16, 1855

I hope that the foundation in Warburg can prosper and that a sturdy tree can grow from the little mustard seed.
#2027, Pastor of Warburg

Matthew 13:31, May 12, 1856

...that with God's blessing the mustard seed will grow into a tree and will spread its branches to other places.
#2163, Reverend Rector

Matthew 13:31, January 7, 1857

...and from the small mustard seed, a tree will gradually develop, bearing much fruit.
#2345, Reverend Wucher

Matthew 13:31, January 20, 1857

...and from the mustard seeds, a tree with many branches may grow.
#2350, Dean of Steisslingen

Matthew 13:31, November 15, 1858

May it please God that the mustard seed dropped twenty-five years ago.
#2759, Father Anton Megringer

Matthew 13:31, February 26, 1861

The mustard seed has become a tree.
#3233, Cardinal of Vienna

Matthew 13:31, March 29, 1865

Even though we have only two houses in the diocese, we hope it may please God to expand it like mustard seeds.
#3841, Bishop of Freiburg

Matthew 13:31-32, March 8, 1841

...your gracious majesty provides. With a motherhouse near the royal palace, so that like a tree transplanted to better soil, it becomes stronger, spreads out its branches over the entire kingdom till the poor children of men come to rest in its shadow and refresh themselves with its fruit.
#246, King Louis

Matthew 13:31, NA

If God grants His blessing, the institute, though only a mustard seed, will be blessed and upon this everything depends.
#720, Bishop

Matthew 13:31-32, May 18, 1854

May the Almighty grant that from Breslau, the cradle of the Order in Silesia, a huge tree, under whose shadow the dear little ones may rest and enjoy themselves, may develop from the mustard seed.
#1664, Reverend Gaerth (Breslau)

Matthew 13:31-32, November 25, 1857

May God in His mercy grant that in the near future your diocese may have a motherhouse, so that the mustard seed which lies in the earth of your diocese, may come to life.
#2505, Archbishop Hermann of Freiburg

Matthew 13:32, October 1, 1823

Patience with self in the slow growth of the kingdom of God within is necessary so that true devotion may increase. Self prefers rapid, observable progress, but the kingdom of God grows, says the Lord.
p. 3, Retreat Notes

Matthew 13:38, November 25, 1854

Would that with God's grace the seed which the sisters sow in the hearts of the dear children may henceforth also germinate, sprout, and ripen, bearing fruit.
#1791, Miss Fanny

Matthew 13:44, NA

(He has chosen you) into the religious state, paradise on earth, where that incomparable treasure is hidden in God's field.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia.

Matthew 13:44, c. 1876

...where incomparable treasures hidden in God's soil can be found.
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

Matthew 14:26, September 25, 1824

If you desire Christ to be your master, you must follow him in word and example, abandoning self. Christ recommends his followers to hate their own lives for his sake, to leave father, mother, wife, children.
p. 16-17, Retreat Notes

Matthew 15:25, September 28, 1853

Like the Canaanite woman of the Gospel, I ask that you favor us until the affairs of the order are settled by the Holy See.
#1456, Bishop of Augsburg

Matthew 16:6, May 30, 1847

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.
#714, *My dearly

Matthew 16:18-19, March 6, 1861

The mighty of this world raise their arms in vain against her (Church) and they can achieve nothing, according to the word of the Lord, because his Church is built upon a rock and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.
#3238, All the Sisters

Matthew 16:18, c.1865

...and hold fast to his Church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.
#4405, Entire Congregation

Matthew 16:18, 1870

Of this, we are certain: that the Church built on a rock cannot perish.
#4518, Entire Congregation

Matthew 16:24, September 24, 1824

Whoever wishes to follow me must take up his cross daily.
# 3, On Patience Retreat Notes

Matthew 16:24, 1835 or 1836

Will you have the heart to live lifelong renounce everything and to follow Christ and His cross?
#44 & 45, Aspirant Dollinger

Matthew 16:24, May 30, 1847

Let us, therefore, take to heart what He so lovingly tells us: "He who does not renounce all cannot be My disciple."
#714, *My dearly.

Matthew 16:26, August 29, 1843

What will it profit me if I win the whole world and suffer the loss of my own soul?
#445, Archbishop of Munich

Matthew 16:26, February 14, 1872

What would it profit us to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of our soul?
#4664, Pastor in St. Louis

Matthew 17:1, March 17, 1877

So again we are walking the way of the Cross, but Calvary leads to Tabor.
#5231, Sister Leodegar

Matthew 18:1-4, 1847

...never let us forget the love Jesus had for children.
#714, *Sisters

Matthew 18:5, December 28, 1856

In view of the fact that you do to Him whatever you do for His little ones in Laufen, He will do good for all of you, dear Sodalists, who share His work.
#2334, Women's Sodality

Matthew 18:10, February 7, 1865

You holy angels, who have been appointed as guardians to these children.
#3802, Commendation of Children to Blessed Virgin Mary

Matthew 18:10, August 20, 1862

The Holy Guardian Angels, whose feast was chosen for the opening of the branch house, will not fail to assist the sisters and children.
#3415, Pastor of Rottenburg

Matthew 18:34-35, September 24, 1824

The Master reproved the wicked servant, and ordered him to be bound hands and feet and cast into exterior darkness.
p. 14-15, Retreat Notes

Matthew 18:34-35, May 30, 1847

May no one share the fate of the unjust steward in the gospel. #714, *Dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matthew 19:13-15, July 30, 1859

Let your souls be enamored of love for those to whom the Lord said, "Come to me". He blessed them.
#2940, Novices

Matthew 19:13, November 19, 1859

For the love of the Lord who appeared on earth as a child and the friend of children, who blessed them and promised them the kingdom of heaven, who looks upon services to them as done to himself.
#2997, Reverend Dr. Barthomew Enders

Matthew 19:13, February 3, 1864

We shall try to justify your confidence in us by leading the children to Jesus that He may bless them.
#3633, Canon of Regensburg

Matthew 19:14, September 24, 1824

Jesus demands of all who wish to be his followers that they possess this most necessary foundation, that they become as little children.
p. 13-14, Retreat Notes

Matthew 19:14, November 25, 1857

Even though the beginning will be difficult, I say trustingly with our Lord, "Let the little ones come to me, because theirs is the kingdom of God."
#2502, Pastor Dobler

Matthew 19:29, September 8, 1874

...that the divine spouse will never let us be outdone in generosity, but returns to us with hundredfold interest, what we have done for the love of him with a pure intention.
#4964, Sister Mary Ambrosia

Matthew 19:29, June 21, 1858

Our merciful and gracious Father will reward your Highness family a thousandfold here and in eternity, for what you are doing for the spread and furthering of the Catholic Faith. Please, do not tire. No one pays higher interest on that kind of capital than the limitlessly rich and good God, as all who have thus served Him can testify.
#2638, Baron von Beckendorf

Matthew 20:1, November 9, 1839

How we relish the thought even now of working beside you in the vineyard of the Lord.
#164, Pastor at Wolfratschausen

Matthew 20:1, April 15, 1871 heard the invitation of the heavenly father, you responded with great zeal in order to qualify as useful laborers.
#4554, Children of God (novices)

Matthew 20:16, September 10, 1831

The first shall be last should be her constant consideration.
p. 32-33, #12, Humility Retreat Notes

Matthew 20:16, December 24, 1842

Many are called; few are chosen.
#386, Reverend Father

Matthew 20:18, April 3, 1835

It strengthens our trust in God, so that, contrary perhaps to all human prudence, we plunge into the work in his vineyard until the end of the journey, the end of the day.
#33, Frederica Ringseis

Matthew 20:22, NA

It is rather like the answer the Master gave to them, "You know not what you ask. Can you drink the chalice which I shall offer you?"
#44, Aspirant Dollinger

Matthew 21:18, December 31, 1870

The good God still lives in heaven. Without his will, no hair falls from our heads.
#4517, Entire Congregation

Matthew 21:18, 1872

Far from us to be terrified over this, rather, let us place our entire trust in God, without whose will not one hair falls from our heads.
#4760, All Houses

Matthew 21:41, Before 1859

...faithfully following their vocation, otherwise, God will reject us, and choose others more worthy to work in his chosen vineyard.
#2784 & 2785, Entire Congregation

Matthew 23:27-28, July 29, 1841

...a school which restricts itself only to instruction, resembles a decorated grave from which, even though outwardly adorned, nothing but corpses waltz out, who promptly poison.
#274, General Inspector-Toelz

Matthew 25:7-8, September 10, 1831

Am I prepared now for the great trip into eternity? Is my lamp burning and filled with the oil of good works in preparation for the coming of the Bridegroom?
p. 27, On Death Retreat Notes

Matthew 25:7, October 15, 1869

...and as prudent virgins gather oil for our lamps, in preparation for the still greater treasure of heaven.
#4380, Sister Mary Richards

Matthew 25:7, July 14, 1871

Let us endure this short testing period until we hear the summons, "The Bridegroom comes; up, away, hasten to meet him."
#4576, Candidate Marie

Matthew 25:7, April 5, 1876

I admonish you to use this time well, to fill your bridal lamp with oil and to adorn your bridal gown.
#5148, Sister Eutropia

Matthew 25:10, November 15, 1877

Be honest and upright toward your novice directress, and be humble of heart; you will then receive the grace of God and your lamps will be filled when the divine bridegroom calls you to the eternal banquet.
#5304, Novices of Baltimore

Matthew 25:12-13, May 30, 1847

And will not Jesus, as the bridegroom said to the foolish virgins, say to these worldly sisters, "I do not know you," since such sisters apparently do not adhere to Jesus but to the world.
#714, *My dearly.

Matthew 25:21, September 10, 1831

He who is faithful in small things will also be faithful in those which are greater. So too, he who is not faithful in small things will scarcely ever be faithful in the pursuit of the greater.
p. 25-26, Retreat Notes

Matthew 25:21, May 30, 1847

A sister who with simplicity of heart has added to her one talent another one through faithful accomplishment of her required tasks in conformity with the daily order and with good intention, will occupy in heaven one of the first places; while another sister who has used her five talents as she pleased, without due consideration to obedience and the daily order, and who imagines she has gained much, will stand before God empty-handed.
#714, *My dearly beloved.

Matthew 25:23, April 3, 1863

Pay attention also to the Holy Rule, even in the smallest things.
#3537, Sisters Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

Matthew 25:29, September 23, 1824

Of him who has received much, much will be asked.
p. 11, Tepidity Retreat Notes

Matthew 25:31-46, September 10, 1831

Come, you blessed of my Father, unto the Kingdom. I was hungry and you gave me to eat.
p. 28, Retreat Notes

Matthew 25:34, May 30, 1847

Some day the Lord will say to them: "Come, you good and faithful servants."
#714, *My dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matthew 25:34, July 22, 1859

"Come, good and faithful servant, into the joy of the Lord."
#2935, Reverend Dean of Toelz

Matthew 25:34, August 23, 1873

At its end he must certainly have heard, "Come, you faithful servant."
#4852, Reverend Father

Matthew 25:35, November 16, 1836

God must glorify you and all our benefactors. You fed us when we were hungry, you give us drink when we are thirsty.
#71, Frederica von Ringseis

Matthew 25:40, May 30, 1847

Whatsoever we do to the least we do to Jesus Himself.
#714, *Dearly loved.

Matthew 25:40, December 8, 1850

Let us keep in mind the emphatic words of Our Lord, "What you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto me."
#949, Entire Congregation

Matthew 26:10, March 15, 1822

The Lord said of Mary Magdalen, "What she has done for me is one of the good works indeed, and all that she had she gave completely."
p. 1, Retreat Notes

Matthew 26:13, March 15, 1822

The love of Jesus sees into the future; Who thought of the approaching death of Jesus when he said, "When she poured this ointment on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial."
p. 1, Retreat Notes

Matthew 26:42, September 23, 1824

...who in the agony of death called out, not my will but your will be done.
p. 9-10, Retreat Notes

Matthew 27:29, September 10, 1831

She will beg for the poorest clothing in remembrance of the purple cloak of mockery worn by Jesus.
p. 32-33, #12, Humility Retreat Notes

Matthew 28:18, May 30, 1847

All power has been given to Him in heaven and on earth.
#714, *My dearly.

Matthew 28:18, April 5, 1857

May the Lord, to whom all power is given in heaven and on earth.
#2386, Archbishop of Freiburg

Matthew 28:20, December 28, 1859

May God be with us! This is our consolation, that God rules the world, and that the Lord will not forsake His Church and those who hold fast to her.
#3001, Bishop of Temesvar


Mark 4:39-41, April 6, 1865

May He control the wind and waves, so that the storm may soon abate, and the little bark of Peter may glide smoothly again until it arrives safe in harbor with all who ride in it.
#3848, Archbishop of Freiburg

Mark 6:31, October 30, 1878

Do not forget what the divine Master said to his Apostles when they returned home exhausted at eventide, "Come apart and rest awhile."
#5327, Sister Ella

Mark 7:37, July 31, 1859

In consideration of all this, and especially in considering our beautiful conventual Holy Rule, all of us Sisters must surely cry out, "The Lord hath done all things well."
#2942, Entire Congregation

Mark 8:34, September 23, 1824

Let him who wishes to follow me deny himself.
p. 9-10, Retreat Notes

Mark 8:24-35, September 17, 1840

What we must do is embrace our cross daily, and not leave the dear Lord out of the picture.
#215, Reverend Katz

Mark 8:36, January 23, 1840

"For what would it profit us if we were to gain the whole world and thereby injure our souls. If the light be taken from the lantern and carried out into the open, no matter how carefully one guards it, it can easily be blown out by the wind.
#185, Archbishop of Munich

Mark 9:37, May 30, 1847

Of them (children) He said, "Whosoever receives one of these little ones in My name, receives Me."
#714, *Dearly loved companion sisters

Mark 10:48, September 23, 1824

Therefore with the blind in the gospels, I cry, "Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me!"
p. 11-12, Retreat Notes

Mark 11:23-25, March 5, 1856

I trust in the powerful help from above, through which all is possible; even though mountains should have to be removed the enemy will be silenced and all will be calmed.
#2125, Reverend Helmsauer

Mark 11:24, June 1871

The Lord who has promised, "Pray and you shall receive.
#4571, Bishop of Temesvar

Mark 12:30, before 1859

Let us also be united in striving to know God above all things and finally begin to love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.

Mark 10:16, 1857

lead the children to Jesus that He might bless them. "Then He put his arms around them, laid his hands on them and gave them his blessing."
#2502, Sisters

Mark 10:22, 1868

We allowed her to leave, so our Lord did the young man who went away sadly, instead of following Him in perfection.
#4306, Entire Congregation

Mark 10:48, September 23, 1824

Therefore with the the gospels I cry, "Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me!"
p. 11-12, Retreat Notes

Mark 12:30, before 1859

Let us also be united in striving to know God above all things and finally begin to love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.


Luke 1:28, November 15, 1877

"And the Virgin's name was Mary,"
#5304, Novices of Baltimore

Luke 1:37, March 13, 1843

With God all things are possible
#413, Pastor of Marktheidenfeld

Luke 1:37, December 18, 1864

With you, Oh Lord, all things are possible.
#3768, Archbishop of Munich

Luke 1:46, July 3, 1841

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior, who in His mercy and power has granted us a motherhouse.
#268, President of City Council

Luke 1:46-48, June 13, 1854

"My soul magnifies the Lord, for God has looked graciously on us, Poor School Sisters."
#1677, Archbishop of Munich

Luke 1:46-48, March 26, 1855

"Our souls magnify the Lord because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaids."
#1886, Reverend Gaerth of Breslau

Luke 1:46, December 23, 1865

My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior.
#3972, Archbishop of Munich

Luke 1:47, c.1876

He has done great things to us, his lowly handmaids.
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

Luke 1:47ff, October 30, 1878

I know of nothing better than to recommend for your consideration the beautiful words of the Magnificat.
#5328, Sisters in Altenbuch

Luke 1:48

Thank him, therefore, praise him above all, for he does great things for us, his lowly handmaids.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Luke 1:48, November 21, 1876

She herself assures us in her beautiful hymn of praise, the Magnificat: "He has looked down upon the lowliness of His servant girl."
#5199, Final Vow Class- Temesvar

Luke 2:6, August 4, 1836

He has taken us into Bethlehem for the time being, that we may be unnoticed and hidden.
#58, Lady von Ringseis

Luke 2:6, December 28, 1840

May the Infant who has outgrown his crib find for us poor ones a shelter in which to live.
#236, Minister Von Abel

Luke 2:6, June 18, 1848

This is how we fare in this country. But it is not as hard as it was for the Infant Jesus, who was refused everywhere, found no welcome and was born in a stable.
#734, Reverend M. Siegert

Luke 2:6, April 3, 1849

Christ Himself began His life in a stable and heaven and earth are at His command.
#780, Dr. Mast, Rottenburg

Luke 2:6, November 11, 1863

Christ, Our Lord, came to the world in a stable, and lay in a manger, because there was no room in the inn.
#3613, Priest of London

Luke 2:6,15 (Matt. 2:11), December 31, 1870

Let us in these days, especially, go to the crib of Jesus with the poor shepherds and the holy wise men, with them offer our homage and sacrifice, so that we may share the peace of God which the angels announced on the plains of Bethlehem to those who are of good will.
#4517, Entire Congregation

Luke 2:7, September 12, 1839

Rather we shall begin small and poor, even as Our Lord in the stable at Bethlehem.
#151, Burgomaster of Altomunster

Luke 2:8, February 26, 1861

The birthplace of our dear Lord in Bethlehem.
#3233, Cardinal of Vienna

Luke 2:14, December 13, 1853

May the Divine Savior on His approaching birthday, give you such heavenly peace as the angels announced to those of good will.
#1536, Mr. Bell of Neumarkt

Luke 2:29, June 9, 1859

With Simeon I cry out with deep consolation, "Now Lord you have kept your promise! You may let your servant go in peace."
#2912, Entire Congregation

Luke 2:29, December 23, 1865

With Simeon, the holy old man, I would like to cry out, "Now I will gladly die, because I have lived to see this."
#3972, Archbishop of Munich

Luke 2:46-48, September 25, 1870

The Divine Wisdom, who 1800 years ago as a Child, won the Victory in the temple at Jerusalem, has also in our day triumphed over the sophistry of the world in Hungary.
#4485, To Bishop of Csanad (Hungary)

Luke 2:49-50, NA

Therefore, with Jesus, announce to all secular acquaintances, relatives and friends, "Do you not know that I must be about that which belongs to my Jesus?" Say farewell to all of them.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Luke 2:49-50, c. 1876

Do you not know that I must be concerned with the things of Jesus?
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

Luke 2:51, c. 1834

The more united and loving we should and must be within our houses, living like the holy family at Nazareth among ourselves and with each other.
#4405, Entire Congregation

Luke 5:5, February 15, 1868

He does not let our confidence go unrewarded, if we throw out our nets in the name of Jesus.
#4239, Reverend Pastor

Luke 6:26, May 30, 1847

Woe to you if men speak well of you, they have done this to the false prophets too.
#714, *My dearly.

Luke 6:38, March 8, 1841

will certainly reward you here and hereafter, with "full measure, shaken down and overflowing," for all you have done for us, the very least of His children.
#246, King Louis of Bavaria

Luke 6:38, May 30, 1847

As we measure to others, so the dear Lord will measure to us.
#714, *Dearly loved companions in Jesus

Luke 6:48, December 29, 1857

The Lord wished the foundation to be laid deep, so that His house may stand more firmly and prove more enduring for the future.
#2527, Bishop of Csanad

Luke 7:38, c. 1834

or resting at your feet with Magdalen I shall seek my consolation there
#29, Reflections

Luke 7:38, October 15, 1869

If in our wretchedness, we have sometimes stumbled, let us correct the false steps, like Magdalen blot out our stains through tears of loving contrition.
#4380, Sister Mary Richards

Luke 9:23, 1870

Let us take up our cross and follow after Jesus.
#2464, Spiritual Children in America

Luke 9:23, NA

Let us daily take up our cross and follow after Jesus.
#4520, Dear Spiritual Children in America

Luke 9:62, October 15, 1869

We shall once more put our hand to the plow and never look back to the sorrowful vale of the world, but with steady eyes strive toward our sublime goal, so that we may happily reach it.
#4380, Sister Mary Richards

Luke 10:16, February 4, 1841

I recognize in your Reverence a servant of Jesus of whom He Himself said, "Who hears you hears me."
#241, Reverend Fuchs at Spalt

Luke 10:39, c. 1834

or resting at your feet with Magdalen I shall seek and find my consolation there.
p. 48, #29, Retreat Reflections

Luke 10:40, February 25, 1855

But let us not forget, dear Theophila, the interior devotion of Mary in the exterior business of Martha; let us rest from time to time at the feet of Jesus.
#1862, Sister Theophila, Baltimore

Luke 11:28, September 10, 1831

those who hear the word of God and devoutly follow it
p. 29-30, #11, Retreat Notes

Luke 12:31, January 10, 1858

At the same time I pray the dear Lord may guide all things for the best, for those who seek only God's kingdom and His justice, all things work together unto good.
#2540, Widow Joanna

Luke 12:32, September 24, 1824

Fear not, little flock.
p. 13-14, Retreat Notes

Luke 14:10, September 24, 1824

and elect to be last.
p. 13-14, Retreat Notes

Luke 15:7, c. 1834

Rather, I shall rejoice greatly when you seek and find and through me make holy what had been lost.
p. 48, #29, Retreat Notes

Luke 15:4-7, c. 1834

Her motherly concern embraces all and perhaps she is more concerned for those who stray from the right path. In this she is like the Good Shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine to seek the lamb that was lost!
#29, Reflections

Luke 15:7, c. 1834

Oh how the shepherd rejoices over the lamb that was found.
#29, Reflections

Luke 15:21, c.1834

If the child returns repentant, the mother receives it as the merciful father in the gospel received the prodigal son who was lost but returned.
#29, Reflections

Luke 16:2, September 10, 1831

Give an account of your stewardship.
p. 32,p. 32, #13, Humility Retreat Notes

Luke 16:19-31, September 10, 1831

"What heat, what thirst", cried Dives, and he received not even a drop of cool water or a second's relief.
p. 29, #12, on "Hell" Retreat Notes

Luke 17:10, September 10, 1831

In her faithful performance she considers herself a useless servant.
p. 3

Luke 17:13, September 23, 1824

Therefore with.and the lepers in the gospels I cry, "Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me."
p. 11-12, Retreat Notes

Luke 18:14, September 10, 1831

Oh God, have mercy on me a poor sinner.
p. 32, #13, Humility Retreat Notes

Luke 19:9, November 17, 1869

as He once did on Zacheus, and address to them also the consoling words: "Today I will come into your house."
#4390, Archbishop of Csanad Temesvar

Luke 19:10, July 22, 1861

as our dear Lord Himself came to seek sinners and not the just.
#3268, Reverend Hoermann of Poxau

Luke 19:10, January, 1871

Did not our Lord also come to seek and save what was lost?
#4534, Confessor at Neunburg

Luke 19:17, November 2, 1862

I would also like to entrust to your hearts a motherly work namely, to be faithful in little things.
#3467, Novices of Gorizia

Luke 21:2, November 2, 1853

If the Lord accepted with pleasure the small coin of the widow placed in the temple treasury, how much more will he be pleased to receive the gift that your Excellency has placed in the hands of his representative.
#1496, Mr. Bell of Neumarkt

Luke 21:2, January 29, 1855

Please God, the establishment of a novitiate in Silesia may be accomplished soon, so that we can contribute our mite for the training of youth.
#1836, Bishop of Breslau

Luke 21:2, March 8, 1855

How could we now do otherwise than unite with your Reverence in praising God, and contributing our mite, so that God's work can finally be completed.
#1873, Pastor of Legau

Luke 21:2, September 7, 1855

We, too, will add our mite.
#2018, Pastor of Neustadt

Luke 21:2, November 15, 1855

It would be most pleasing to us to be able to contribute a mite for the honor of God.
#2053, Bishop of Csanad

Luke 21:2, February 27, 1856

To which we can add our mite.
#2116, Pastor of Hienheim

Luke 21:2, NA

If the Lord so wills that we, the Poor School Sisters, contribute our mite.
#2185, Reverend Father Spiritual

Luke 21:2, December 28, 1856

May it be a source of consolation to you that you place your mite before the Lord, and thus reap such a rich reward.
#2334, Women's Sodality

Luke 21:2, April 8, 1861

sisters, supported with the grace of God contribute their mite.
#3242, Bishop of Csanad - Temesvar

Luke 21:2, March 21, 1864

We offer to supply the furnishings for the bedrooms of the factory girls so that we, too, can contribute our mite.
#3650, Countess von Freiss - Vienna

Luke 21:2, October 27, 1864

Kindly accept the enclosed mite from the Poor School Sisters as an offering of love and gratitude.
#3748, Holy Father via "Your Eminence"

Luke 21:2, December 26, 1867

Like the poor widow in the Gospel we bring our Peter's pence.
#4220, Holy Father

Luke 21:18, April 21, 1868

God only knows what the end will be; our consolation rests in the thought that His Holy Providence watches over us, and that no hair will fall from our heads against His adorable will.
#4255, Cardinal Protector Clarelli

Luke 21:18, 1872

Far from us to be terrified over this, rather, let us place our entire trust in God, without whose will not one hair falls from our head.
#4760, All Houses

Luke 22:27, 1859

As brides of the derided, suffering Savior, we join with the women who wept and grieved. We are misjudged by the world.
#3006, Entire Congregation in America

Luke 22:27, April 3, 1863

The Lord Jesus will pour trust, peace and joy into our hearts as once he rewarded the pious women who wept for Him on Good Friday and Saturday.
#3537, Sisters Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

Luke 22:42-43, July 3, 1873

we must accept the decision and say, "Thy will be done."
#4819, Reverend Hofensteiner

Luke 23:34, 1835

When we dismiss individuals such as these as unsuitable, the ignorant populace cry out against us violently. God forgive them for they know not what they do.
#38, Frederica Ringseis

Luke 23:34, May 30, 1847

after the example of Jesus Who on the cross prayed for His enemies.
#714, *My dearly loved.

Luke 23:46, September 23, 1824

Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit.
p. 9-10, Retreat Notes

Luke 24:26, August 28, 1878

if it was necessary that Christ should suffer in order to enter into his glory, it is also necessary that those who follow him, especially those who want to live intimately with him enter their glory by the same path.
#5323, Entire Congregation

Luke 24:32, April 3, 1863

The Lord will pour trust, peace and joy . . . and the young men who went to Emmaus.
#3537, Sisters Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

?, December 31, 1870

But man proposes and God disposes.
#4517, Entire Congregation


John 1:11, October 4, 1856

It is like our Redeemer, Who came into the world and the world received Him not. All the works of God proceed slowly and in pain; therefore their roots are sturdier, and their flowering the lovelier.
#2277, Frances Schwarz

John 2:5, June 9, 1859

Do whatever he tells you.
#2905, Entire Congregation

John 2:5, June 9, 1859

We can best show our gratitude in living this Holy Rule, trying to do everything as perfectly as possible, striving as our Blessed Lady warns: to do whatever He tells us.
#2912, Entire Congregation

John 2:3-4, January 15, 1860

Our Lady, the immaculately conceived will ask her divine Son to help, since the wine is running short.
#3020, Bishop of Brixin

John 2:4, January, 1871

The Blessed Mother whom you honor with such childlike devotion will provide as she did at Cana, that the wine of heavenly consolation, enlightenment and strength will not run out.
#4534, Confessor at Neunberg

John 2:5, 25, February 18, 1871

children shall be taught the special meaning of church feasts, i.e. Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, May devotion, especially veneration of the Mother of God.
#4537, NA

John 3:14-15, September 24, 1824

Jesus says, He who believes is already saved.
p. 12-13, Retreat Notes

John 4:34, September 23, 1824

O Jesus, you who witnessed through your life and death that your food was to do the will of the Father.
p. 9-10, Retreat Notes

John 5:40-44, May 30, 1847

For the Lord himself says, "How can you have faith since you accept honors from each other?"
#714, *Dearly Beloved Companion
Sisters in Jesus

John 9:4, September 10, 1831

Let us do good while we have time, and it is day.
p. 32, #13, Humility Retreat Notes

John 10:11, September 12, 1859

May Jesus, the Good Shepherd, give you strength and wisdom.
#2967, Bishop of Augsburg

John 10:11, February 17, 1863

We also appreciate the patience with which you have borne their (SSND's) faults and weakness, and for the goodness with which you have time and again led them back to the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ.
#3513, Canon of Cathedral

John 10:14, September 24, 1824

Give me but your love and your grace, humility and spiritual strength for penance that I may give witness and prove that I am a sheep, a lamb that belongs to you, my good Shepherd.
p. 16, #3, On Patience Retreat Notes

John 10:14, March 3, 1863

Give your heart to your superiors like a child to its mother; let yourselves be led like blind men by their guide, like sheep by their shepherd for the sake of the Lord.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

John 12:24, 1833

If the grain of wheat does not fall into the ground and die, it remains alone; when, however, it has died, it will bring forth much fruit."
p. 35, #16, Reflection on use of time

John 13:1, c.1834

Then I shall love all my enemies as you, Divine Savior, loved Judas.
#29, Reflections

John 13:34, October 30, 1878

.the peacemakers, because we have chosen the common life in order that by conciliation and friendship, by sisterly love and patient endurance of the faults of others, we might fulfill the new commandment which the Lord has given us.
#5328, Sisters in Altenbuch

John 13:35, May 30, 1847

This is the sign by which we will be recognized as perfect religious, disciples and brides of Christ, that we love one another after the example of Jesus.
#714, *My dearly loved.

John 13:35, December 8, 1850

This love is the criterion which will convince the world that our faith is united in Jesus, that we belong to Jesus, that we are His disciples and followers.
#949, 6 Entire Congregation

John 13:35, January 23, 1854

He (Holy Father) expects us to grow from virtue to virtue, and to live with one another in sisterly love, so that the world may know we are disciples of Christ.
#1581, Sisters

John 13:35, c. 1869

Then even our enemies will testify for us, as the pagans once said of the first Christians: See how they love one another.
#4405, Entire Congregation

John 13:34-35, NA

Love one another as Jesus has loved us all, so that the world may know that you are his disciples, that you dedicate yourself to him, that you belong to Jesus.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

John 13:35, c. 1876

Love one another as Jesus loves us all, so that the world will know you are his disciples.
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

John 14:6, May 30, 1847

"May He be the Way you walk, the Truth you follow, the Life you lead."
#714, *To: all sisters

John 14:6, December 29, 1856

May He ever be the Way along which you walk, the Truth and the Life.
#2324, Your Lordship

John 14:13, 1870

Whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give you.
#4521, Entire Congregation

John 14:13, NA

Let us henceforth pray in this most holy name, Jesus, and we shall be heard.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

John 14:14, March 3, 1863

Ask and we shall be given everything we need to achieve perfection.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

John 15:2-3, March 15, 1822

This purification I leave in the hands of the Vinedresser. He will trim and prune the branches, although this be painful.
p. 1, Retreat Notes

John 15:5, October 2, 1823

How can a branch be a branch if it is not attached to the vine? How can we become renewed as we are destined to be by God Himself, if we do not receive the eternally New, and are not united with him?
p. 5, Retreat Notes

John 15:4-5, October 21, 1841

Like the vine torn from its branch which withers and dies, in vain do you expect fruit from it.
#294, Royal Inspector at Amberg

John 15:5, September 24, 1824

Without me you can do nothing.
p. 13-14, Retreat Notes

John 15:5, July 30, 1859

Without Jesus we can do nothing.
#2941, Postulants

John 15:6, Before 1859

A branch cut from the tree must die sooner or later.
#2784 & 2785, Entire Congregation

John 15:6, 1859

A branch which cuts itself off from the stem withers away and is thrown into the fire.
#3006, Entire Congregation

John 15:6, March 3, 1863

A branch torn from the tree dries up and ends in the fire.Thus will our Order fare, if we the sisters, do not preserve our unity as the apple of our eye.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

John 15:16, NA

He has chosen you from the world as his possession.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

John 15:16, November 15, 1877

You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, says the good Lord.
#5304, Novices of Baltimore

John 15:20, September 11, 1855

This, in his Divine Providence, which does not will things to be better for the servants than they were for the Master.
#2021, Reverend Spiritual Advisor

John 15:20, March 3, 1863

We are misjudged and despised by the world, but in a short while we shall again see our heavenly bridegroom.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

John 15:20, August 30, 1875

As they have persecuted me, they will persecute you.
#5089, Admininstrator at Mellrichstadt

John 16:8, September 24, 1824

By our active effort to follow Jesus we show our love of him, and he will love us according to his divine nature. Thus, God the Father, too, loves us, because he sees in us his only son, whom he loves. The entire circle of love is thus entirely completed, and the kingdom of God is opened wide.
pp. 12-13, Retreat Notes

John 16:13, March 23, 1841

Yes, He makes all things right. If only He will send us His Holy Spirit, He may do with us what He likes.
#248, Bishop of Ratisbon

John 16:13, September 24, 1824

"If we wish to imitate Jesus, we must make his spirit our own."
p. 12, Retreat Notes

John 16:20, May 30, 1847

You will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice.
#714, *My dearly.

John 16:20, March 3, 1863

Then our brief sorrow will turn to joy.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

John 16:33, September 14, 1856

Unfriendly groups have fought the plan for eighteen years, yet the Lord conquers.
#1720, Reverend Max Barth

John 17:3, September 10, 1831

And this heaven begins for the blessed here on earth. "This is eternal life," says Jesus Christ, "that they may know you O Father, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent."
p. 29, Heaven Retreat Notes

John 17:12, 21, September 25, 1824

In Holy Communion we unite ourselves with the holy humanity, as also with the divinity, and thus we are one with him and he with us. In being one we shall also be one through him with the Father, and the Father with us. Then we shall be one with the Son and the Father, in union with divinity and with one another in communion.
p. 17-18, Retreat Notes

John 17:12, November 23, 1877

Hers were the words of the Lord, "Holy Father, I have kept them in your name whom you have given me and none of them has been lost.
#5311, Entire Congregation
(written by sisters remembering the night Mother Theresa almost died)

John 17:18-19, November 23, 1877

"Be God-fearing, remain true to one another, and persevere in the difficult time of the present and future. Peace will come again."
#5311, Entire Congregation

John 17:21, October 2, 1823

Every new union with him creates a new hunger, a hunger that is itself a new peace because the Beloved and I are one.
p. 5, Retreat Notes

John 17:21, Before 1859

but that true love of God and neighbor will fasten our hearts to the Heart of Christ and make us one in Him.
#2784 & 2785, Entire Congregation

John 17:21, March 3, 1863

We must all of us remain as one, as sisters, just as the Lord is one with the faithful.
#3520, Novices in Gorizia

John 18:10, NA

Let us not join in the complaints and invectives against authority, for they who draw the sword shall perish by the sword.
#4405, Entire Congregation

John 19:25, December 7, 1834

We do not have a picture of Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows, but we expect to receive one of Mary and John standing under the cross, and these, with the images now above the tabernacle, complete our altar.
#25, Frederica von Ringseis

John 19:25, c.1834

Thus I shall love creatures only for your sake, and standing with Mary beneath the cross.or resting at your feet with Magdalen (Luke 7:28) I shall seek and find my consolation there.
#29, Reflections

John 19:25, c.1834

"As a fervent daughter of Mary, the most holy Virgin, I must serve him, not rule; with Mary I shall remain in contemplative prayer at the crib (Luke 2:6) and under the cross, serving Christ in all, loving him in all, and crucified to all that is not his will."
#29, Reflections

John 19:25, 1852

I often visualize the Blessed Virgin standing beneath the cross as I meditate on the words, 'she stood.'
#1250, Doctor Schels

John 19:25, October 20, 1853

Now, however, your 'mater dolorosa' comes, who even though unworthy has stood faithfully at the foot of the Cross.
#1490, Reverend Gaerth of Breslau

John 19:25, May 18, 1854

Our sorrowful Mother whose hand has guided us meaningfully to this part of Prussia, stands by the Cross. It befits us her daughters, to gather around her, for where the Cross is, Christ is not far distant.
#1664, To:Reverend Gaerth of Breslau

John 19:25, June 9, 1859

On this solemn occasion, let me offer my deepest gratitude to all the sisters who persevered during all this time of suffering, standing faithfully with me at foot of the cross; who were not deceived either by scorn or derision from without, nor by infidelity and desertion from within, but remained loyal to the Generalate in complete affection and devotion."
#2912, Entire Congregation

John 19:25-27, February 7, 1865

We unite with Joachim and Anna offering you in the temple; with the offering you made to the heavenly Father of your divine Son on the Cross, with the offering He made of you to John.
#3802, Commendation of the Children to the Blessed Virgin Mary

John 19:25, December 20, 1856

I beg you to continue to support the sisters with your good prayers, that they may always be true followers of the Crucified and not run away from the Cross.
#2323, Pastor of Neumarkt

John 19:25, Before January 1859

On the feast of the Sorrowful Mother the Sisters who do heavy work should remain fasting until noon, on Good Friday until afternoon and on Saturdays until noon.
#2780, 18 Circular to all

John 19:25, February 2, 1861

The feast of the Sorrowful Mother and Good Friday we will spend in loving memory of the sufferings of Jesus and Mary, placing ourselves beneath the cross with Mary in every painful situation.
#3222, Entire Congregation

John 20:17, September 25, 1824

"Do not touch me," he said to Mary Magdalen. "Do not cling to me, for I have not yet risen to my Father."
p. 16-17, Retreat Notes

John 21:19, September 24, 1824

[After this he said, "Follow me."]
O Jesus, I resolve in your presence to follow you alone.
p. 12-13, Retreat Notes

John 19:25, 1872

We will not shrink from the dear cross which faces us, for where the cross is, Christ is near.
#4760, All Houses


Acts 2:4, c1876

It is here, as once before in the supper room at Jerusalem, that the Holy Spirit pours out His heavenly consolation.
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

Acts 2:4, NA

Where the Holy Spirit pours out heavenly graces and consolations, even today as once in the cenacle at Jerusalem.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Acts 2:21, NA

(Name of Jesus) This it is which rescues us from our misery and from all distress.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Acts 2:42, 1872

In quiet retirement let us, sisters and spouses of Christ, like the first Christians, joyfully in love and simplicity, persevere together, and gladly go to a martyr's death for each other.
#2583, All the Houses

Acts 3:6, NA

This name, "Jesus", brings consolation and joy to us who are sorrowing; it is heavenly remedy for us, who are sick, a remedy which heals all wounds and infirmities.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Acts 4:32, December 8, 1850

What should I say regarding sisterly charity which should permeate us like that of the early Christians who were of one heart and one mind.
#949, Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32, Before 1859

May God grant His grace, that the Reverend Bishops find in all our Sisters that holy love which characterized the first Christians who were of one heart and one soul.
#2783, Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32, 1859

Even though we should be scattered throughout the world in various climates and cultures, let us cling to our Catholic heritage which embraces the whole world, which forms one heart and one mind: Cor unum et anima mea.
#3006, Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32, February 2, 1861

some excelling in humility, others yielding in humility, become one heart and one soul before God.
#3222, Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32, January 27, 1863

for our good priests offer themselves to their mission with one heart and soul.
#3494, Reverend Stangl

Acts 4:32, 1866-7

As necessary as it would seem, during our troubled times, to come together for retreat in order to renew our spirit and to unite ourselves very closely with God, so that being one heart and one soul as the community of the first Christians.
#4104, Congregation

Acts 4:32, May 3, 1868

If only you had sent us a few sisters when we asked than our dual purpose would have been fulfilled. We might have trained these sisters in the spirit of the constitution, and then sent them back to America to continue working there. They would then be able to help you carry the burden since they would be one with us in mind and heart.
#4262, Mother Caroline

Acts 4:32, NA

Be always of one heart and mind, like the first Christians who edified pagans and Jews and led them to Christianity.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Acts 4:32, c.1876

Be of one heart and one mind as the first Christians were
#5210, Children of God in Milwaukee

Acts 5:4, May 30, 1847

therefore we are now obliged to practice holy poverty if we do not want to encounter the same misfortune of eternal death that befell Ananias and Sapphira
#714, *My dearly loved sisters.

Acts 12: 5-11, May 30, 1847

keep firmly united, do as the first Christians did when Peter was once in prison for the sake of Jesus. They prayed for him to the Almighty with one voice day and night, and his fetters fell off.
#714, *My dearly loved sisters.

Acts 12:5-11, January 26, 1874

we bring our fervent prayer as did the first Christians, when their head, Peter, lay in chains from which the angels freed him.
#4893, Bishop of Breslau


Romans 5:12-14, September 24, 1824

But have we not deserved suffering? Have we not all sinned in Adam, and with Adam?
p. 15, #3, On Patience Retreat Notes

Romans 8:28, May 31, 1856

Everything is to our good if only we love Him.
p. 1325, Miss Fanny

Romans 8:28, c.1866

To those who love God all things work together unto good.
#4050, Entire Congregation

Romans 8:28, November 7, 1873

However, St. Paul assures us that the love of Christ will overcome everything. i.e. "We know that by turning everything to their good God cooperates with those who love him, with all those that he has called according to his promise."
#4870, Reverend Doctor and Senator

Romans 8:28, 1878

The future lies before us, shrouded in darkness; only one star shines through the night; faith in the fatherly Providence of God. "which, to those who love him, will let all things turn out for the best."
#5330, To: Sister Theodosia on her 25 th jubilee

Romans 8:31, June 15, 1856

But if the Lord is with us, no one shall be able to do anything against us.
#2178, Pastor Bernhard

Romans 8:31, December 10, 1863

And if God in his omnipotence and mercy be for us, who can then be against us?
#3614, Mother Caroline

1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 1:18, March 3, 1863

But through the power of the Cross of Christ, through the spirit of the Lord through Holy love, that youth will be converted and led to God.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

1 Corinthians1:21-23, January 29, 1844

Their going suits us very well, because to both, the teaching of Christ crucified was foolishness.
#496, Archbishop of Munich

1 Corinthians 2:9, 1834

As a special reward he will grant us divine peace here on earth, and in eternity what no eye has seen nor heart has felt.
#29, Reflection

1 Corinthians 3:6, July 30, 1859

It is not he who plants, nor he who waters, but He who gives the increase.
#2941, Postulants

1 Corinthians 3:7, May 7, 1858

God grant increase to our planting and watering.
#2610, Dean of Augsburg

1 Corinthians 3:6-9, June 9, 1857

May God, from Whom alone all good comes, grant increase and growth to the sowing and planting.
#2418, Bishop of Eichstadt

1 Corinthians 3:8, July 30, 1859

But it is not he who plants, nor he who waters, but He who gives the increase.
#2941, Postulants

1 Corinthians 5:6-7, May 30, 1847

Let us all at once begin seriously to throw out the old leaven.
#714, *My dearly loved sisters.

1 Corinthians 7:34-35, March 3, 1863

We do so especially so that, free from all fetters, we may devote ourselves to God and to our profession with an entire and undivided heart.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

1 Corinthians 10:12, May 3, 1879

"He who stands, let him take heed lest he fall."
#5336, Signed: Margarita Cortona
All sisters

1 Corinthians12:11, January 23, 1854

On the strength of the present decree His Holiness eulogizes the Congregation, and recommends it, so that in the future the Sisters may become more virtuous, and be even more concerned about the gifts of the Spirit.
#1581, Entire Congregation

1 Corinthians 12:27 1859

let us look upon one another as members of one body, hasten to each others aid, be built up by one another.
#3006 Entire Congregation in America

1 Corinthians 12:27, March 3, 1863

Let us consider ourselves and each other as limbs of one body.
#3250, Novices of Gorizia

1 Corinthians 13:1, 1859

In this way we shall, indeed, by living holy lives, be guiding stars for the children; our words will not be futile as sounding brass and tinkling cymbals, whose sound fades away.
#3006, Entire Congregation in America

1 Corinthians 13:2, March 3, 1863

Thus our words will not ring with a barren sound, like resounding brass and tinkling bells.
#3520, Novices in Gorizia

1 Corinthians 13:2-12, July 30, 1859

Were we to know all things, even then all our knowledge would be imperfect says the Apostle.
#2941, Postulants

2 Corinthians

2 Corinthians 4:10, September 24, 1824

With St. Paul every Christian says "I bear the wounds of Jesus on my body."
p.15, #3, On Patience Retreat Notes

2 Corinthians 9:7-8, July 30, 1859

We should be radiant with joy in Christ the Lord, for the Lord loves a cheerful giver.
#2941, Postulants

2 Corinthians 12:9, November 20, 1838

May God, in his power and mercy continue to work on in us, showing in the weak his power and might.
#131, Reverend Fink

2 Corinthians 12:9, November 30, 1854

Honor and thanks to the Lord who so readily manifests to the weak the miracle of his might and wisdom.
#1795, Pastor of Hienheim

2 Corinthians12:9, September 10, 1865

He likes to choose the weak to glorify Him
#3924, Reverend Schmitter

2 Corinthians 12:10, October 1, 1823

He permits us to live in our weakness so that we may learn his strength.
p. 3-4, Retreat Notes

2 Corinthians 12:10, January 21, 1856

He it is who makes use of the weak in order to reveal His power, wisdom, and love.
#2098, Augsburg Orphanage

2 Corinthians 12:10, February 18, 1857

Almighty allows Himself to use the weak as His instrument to carry out His counsels.
#2363, Reverend Enders of Amberg

2 Corinthians 12:9, May 8, 1858

and I praise the Lord that he deigns to glorify Himself in His weak creatures by giving increase to our planting and watering.
#2617, Pastor at Frieberg

2 Corinthians 12:10, December 14, 1874

"In this my weakness," says the Apostle, "is my strength."
#5014, Sister Eutropia

2 Corinthians 12:10, November 10, 1877

"In this my weakness," says the Apostle, "is my strength."
#5301, Sister Oswina


Ephesians 2:3, September 24, 1824

"We are children of wrath". Says St. Paul
p. 14-15, Retreat Notes

Ephesians 2:20, October 22, 1854

Let us pray together that God who laid the cornerstone, directed and completed the constructions, will also be the keystone of His work.
#1754, Reverend Hoermann

Ephesians 3:18, March 3, 1863

Let us help one another in love to build together in love.
#3520, Novices in Gorizia

Ephesians 4:26, 1872

and lovingly offering one another the hand of forgiveness before the sun sets.
#4760, All Houses

Ephesians 4:32, April 22, 1862

Reverend Director, let us be reconciled with one another, since God himself always does under these conditions, and commands us all to do likewise. I beg you, Reverend Director for Jesus' sake, who died for us on the cross.
#3350, Reverend Baustaedter of Weichs


Philippians 1:6, August 4, 1854

He who began this work will, if He so pleases, see that it ripens to completion.
#1685, Reverend Anthony Schmitler

Philippians 1:6, June 30, 1856

The Lord, who has begun this work will also, if it be His Holy Will, bring about its completion.
#2184, Reverend Stadter

Philippians 2:7, September 10, 1831

Simply, modestly, and patiently, she accepts this suffering in the service of Him who emptied Himself for us.
p. 31-32, #12, Humility Retreat Notes

Philippians 2:8, September 10, 1831

He was obedient unto death.
p. 39-31, #12, Humility Retreat Notes

Philippians 2:9, NA

It is like oil poured out, honey to our mouth, sweet melody to our ear, balm and jubilation to the heart, a name above all names in which our salvation and bliss rest.
#4523, Novices of Gorizia

Philippians 2:12, September 23, 1824

The word of the great St. Paul remains true, "Work out your salvation in fear and trembling."
p. 11-12, Retreat Notes


Colossians 3:9, July 30, 1859

Put off the old man
#2941, Postulants

2 Timothy

2 Timothy 1:12, 1859

let us put our whole hope in the Almighty, infinitely merciful God, and through the intercession of Mary, let us not complain or be afraid
#3007, Entire Congregation


Hebrews 12:2, February 21, 1863

Do not let Jesus out of your sight.
#3508, Postulants of Temesvar

Hebrews 12:2, March 3, 1863

Keep your eyes and your hearts steadily on Jesus.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

Hebrews 12:2, 1866-7

With our eyes directed toward Jesus.
#4104, Congregation

Hebrews 13:14, 1859

Truly we have not here a lasting dwelling. Our true fatherland, our patria, is in heaven.
#3006, Entire Congregation in America

Hebrews 13:14-16, March 3, 1863

Furthermore, none of us have a permanent home here. Our true home and country lies in heaven.
#3520, Novices of Gorizia

1 John

1 John 2:15-17, May 30, 1847

Oh who should not be terrified by the words of the holy apostle. "The lovers of the world are the enemies of Christ."
#714, *My dearly loved sisters

1 John 4:8, September 22, 1824

God is love and He does nothing outside his love.
p. 8-9, Retreat Notes

1 John 4:16, December 8, 1850

What we earnestly desire we should continue to carry out, to love one another for God's sake. Where there is love, there is God.
#949, Entire Congregation


Revelation 3:14-15, September 23, 1824

Tepidity is. "a state of the soul which is not against God, but also is not for him. Such a soul has not determined whether it is for God and the things of God. It resembles water which is neither cold nor hot but is lukewarm.
p. 10-11, #3, On Tepidity Retreat Notes

Revelation 12:7, January 9, 1858

May you have many an opportunity to fight for right and justice as St. Michael, at the head of the angelic choir, once fought so gloriously against the rebel angels.
#2539, Reverend Braun

Revelation 12:11, September 24, 1824

Jesus revealed to St. John at Patmos that they who are blessed wash their garments in the blood of the Lamb.
p. 15, #3, On Patience Retreat Notes

Revelation 12:11, September 12, 1854

so that the redeemed will someday adore and thank their redeemer in heaven, through whose blood they have been saved, the Blood of the Lamb.
#2967, Bishop of Augsburg

Revelation 14:4, September 25, 1824

Virgin souls, the companions of Jesus and Mary follow wherever the Lamb goes singing the song no others can

Revelation 19:5-8, November 10, 1829

We shall rejoice in the holy company of apostles and martyrs, etc. whose deeds will shine in heaven, as through Jesus Christ, who has animated them, they stand before God in glory.
p. 28-9, "Heaven" Retreat Notes

Revelation 19:8, July 30, 1859

Therefore, rejoice always in the Lord.We are on our way to the marriage feast of the Lamb.
#2941, Postulants

Revelation 21:27, May 31, 1854

The Lord will write in the book of life the names of those who spread His kingdom on earth.
#1673, President of Suabia

Revelation 21:27, June 28, 1856

Each day will then produce a new record in the Book of Life.
#2182, Director at Weichs

Revelation 21:27, January 5, 1859

The sacrifice which you made, Reverend Father, is certainly recorded in the Book of Life.
#2791, Pastor of Geiselhoering

Revelation 22:20, October 4, 1823

When I come to die may my whole being cry out with St. John the Apostle, "Come, Lord Jesus!"
p. 7-8, Retreat Notes

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