Letter of de Lubac

Will We Be Faithful?

Father Henri de Lubac

While teaching a high school religion class, the author assigned students to write to various religious leaders who had participated in Vatican II. She decided to write to Father de Lubac, S.J. whose work, The Splendor of the Church had inspired her, asking two questions; “Why do you feel the Catholic Faith is the right faith for you?" and "What do you feel is the biggest problem facing the Church today"

In today’s Church, there may be those who find it difficult to “be the faithful” and continue to follow Christ in bringing to fruition the vision of Vatican II. In his letter, Henri de Lubac, SJ, invites women religious to deepen their dedication to the Church. This invitation was written as a postscript to his original letter to Sister Judith Best in 1967. Read Father de Lubac's response to Sister Judith, as translated from French.

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