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Sister Mary Luke Baldwin standing with cane in Notre Dame Hall next to staircase.
Sister Mary Luke Baldwin

The Nun Study has educated the School Sisters of Notre Dame on the importance of engaging the aging process. Though not a participant in the Nun Study, Sister Mary Luke Baldwin, SSND, gives an example of this spirit in her experience of knee surgery.

In her reflection on walking and the role that knees play in our mobility, Sister Mary Luke Baldwin, SSND, shares a way to engage the aging process. Let her essay resonate with your own experience of mobility or the loss thereof.

Sister Patricia Flynn, SSND, understand the temporary loss of mobility while in wheelchair.
Sister Patricia Flynn

Sister Mary Luke spent most of her religious life teaching English and religious studies and in public relations and communications. She has an M.A. in English and studied theology at the Pontifical Institute “Regina Mundi” in Rome. She was a member of the SSND General Council in Rome for nine years and served as director of the Office of Communications for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for eight years. Editing, freelance photography, and SSND heritage work have also been focal points of her ministry.

One of Sister Mary Luke's dear friends, Sister Patricia Flynn, also understands the temporary loss of mobility.



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