Marie Dolorette Farias, SSND

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Inspiration for Catechetical Ministers

In many Hispanic communities, there are few professional Catechetical Ministers. In her ministry as Parish and Mission Life Coordinator, Marie Dolorette Farias, SSND, serves at Our Lady of Fatima Parish and Mission Churches in Valentine, Sierra Blanca, and Dell City in Van Horn, Texas. She describes her ministry by saying:

“This (process of empowerment) is part of the work I did to facilitate a learning and Theological Reflection process in areas where the adult faith formation was not done. Often persons in these parishes are among the first to be told they have no priest and are expected to take over. Parishes that have professional Catechetical Ministers, educators, etc. are more likely to understand the development of lay ecclesial theology and ministry and are seldom put into this situation. I was commissioned by the diocese to develop such a program. It is a bilingual (Spanish-English) process that is relational and oriented for parish pastoral council development.This process was not published for circulation but produced and distributed in dioceses and parishes. The process was implemented as participants accepted the training offered under the inspiration of Our Lady of Guadalupe."

Photograph of Marie Dolorette Farias, SSND
Our Lady of Guadalupe

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