50 Years Later

Sister Brunhild Teufel
Sister M. Brunhild Teufel

Fifty years after the death of Mother Fidelis, Sister M. Brunhild Teufel expressed the gratitude of Bavarian School Sisters of Notre Dame for care packages received during WW II.

Munich, November 4, 1999

Dear Sister Rosemary,
Dear members of the NAMA LC,

This letter is to greet you all on the upcoming occasion of the 50th death anniversary of beloved Commissary General, Sister M. Fidelis Krieter, on November 24. We do this out of deep gratitude for what Sister did for us Europeans in years of great need.

  • On June 15, 1945, Mother Almeda wrote in her circular: “Our Lord’s love-filled heart sent us on the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus a wonderful surprise: an American officer, a Father Redemptorist, delivered to us a letter of our very venerable Mother Commissary General, Mary Fidelis from Milwaukee. She writes among other things: ‘Our love and our prayers have been with you in these difficult days. May we ask how we can help? The hearts of your American daughters have been in loving concern with you and all our sisters in Europe torn by war. No sacrifice will be too big for us if we only can help you.’ One of our sisters remembers that Mother Almeda also orally quoted the last sentence in that letter: “Even if the whole world lets you down, we will remain faithful to you. Yours. Sister Fidelis.

  • Mother Almeda sent to Mother Fidelis the addresses of the missions here in Europe and asked for care-packets. From December 1945 on, innumerable care-packets arrived with goods-not available here at that time – such as flour, baking-powder, sugar, spices, tea, coffee, sweets, chocolates, different kinds of medicine; toys, paper, washing-power, soap, rugs, towels, handkerchiefs; baby clothes, women’s dresses, stocking, shoes, pullovers, night-gowns; cloth for religious habits, rosaries…Our sisters were extremely grateful for these life-saving treasures.

  • When Mother Almeda announced the death of Mother Fidelis on Nov. 25, 1949, she wrote: “Our dear God alone knows what Sister did for us in the past years of need. Each individual mission in Germany and Europe experienced the signs of her goodness and helpfulness. May our good God now in eternity reward her everything abundantly.” What a worthy daughter of a worthy mother!

Rejoicing with you about Mother Fidelis, we at the Munich Motherhouse will commemorate her life on the day of the 50th death anniversary in gratitude for her goodness and the goodness of her sisters – in our Eucharistic celebration at Mother Theresa’s tomb.

As we, too, struggle in solidarity with those are poor, may Mother Fidelis encourage us to find ways to help- no matter whether those ways reach out to “friends’ or enemies’ countries.”

God bless us all, Sisters.

With love,

M. Brunhild

And those who were helped+

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