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As religious habits were modified or changed after Vatican II, it was not easy to identify specific religious communities. In the General Chapter of 1972, a symbol was suggested for the School Sisters of Notre Dame as a means of identification. This symbol is on the home page of Sturdy Roots. With a slight modification the same design is available to SSND Associates.

While participating in the 22nd General Chapter held in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, Justine Nutz, SSND, reflected on the meaning of the SSND symbol.


Cosmic in Dimension
Reflections on the SSND Pin

Justine Nutz, SSND
November 17, 2007

At our General Chapter in Brazil I often held on to my silver chain and SSND pin as we prayed and labored through the evolving words and phrases of the many drafts of our Call to Solidarity. One phrase, “cosmic in dimension” felt essential to me - I could let go of other phrases, but not that one. Although it specifically refers to Eucharist, all of life seems to become more cosmic as I get older. As we begin our 175th Jubilee year, I feel our SSND pin has also become more “cosmic in dimension”.

The CIRCLE is the shape of our home planet earth and the shape of ships’ wheels and wagon wheels enabling SSND to spread like wildfire all over 19th century Europe, North America, and three other continents. The circle shapes the bond which unites our local and global communities. It shapes the elevated Host, the sun, the moon, the plates which hold our bread, the Embrace in which we live and move and have our being.

Our SSND Charism is a Circle celebrating solidarity at round tables where all are respected and included, and challenging solidarity at rectangular tables where one is head and others are less. Justice and peacemaking call us to transform swords into plowshares and rectangular tables of privilege and exclusion into circular tables of unity and inclusion. We strive to live authentic Eucharist at every table.


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