Act V - Reconciliation

The depth of holiness in Mother Theresa is exemplified in her reconciliation with two significant figures. The compassion of Mother Theresa was stretched to the limit in her dealings with Archbishop von Reisach, Sister Mary Rosa Franz, and others. Her nightly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and her deep humility strengthened her in the hope that differences could be healed. In letter #1677, Mother Theresa welcomes Archbishop von Reisach to the motherhouse.

Blessed Theresa Of Gerhardinger statueDecember 17, 1855, Archbishop von Reisach was named Curial Cardinal by Pope Pius IX. He moved to Rome shortly after this appointment. On May 15, 1860 he was in Munich and Mother Theresa cut short her visitation in Augsburg to be at the motherhouse to welcome him. She also invited him to stay with the sisters if he needed to leave Rome because of the possibility of war. August 5, 1865, the final approval of the Rule was given by Pope Pius IX.

Mother Theresa’s reconciliation with Sister Mary Rosa had long term effects from 1853–1920.

The foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame was a woman who stood by the cross. Writing to Dr. Schels she said, "I often visualize the Blessed Virgin standing beneath the cross as I meditate on the words, 'she stood.'"

In one of her most gracious letters to the congregation, she thanked those who stood with her.

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